"I had a great experience in the office today. The staff and Dr. Girgis truly care about their patients and are easy to understand and follow." Denise W. 4/30/2015

"Dr. Girgis is an excellent ENT physician who recently performed my Endoscopic Sinus Surgery/Septoplasty and I am already feeling relief within two weeks post surgery. He is a compassionate, caring, and meticulous specialist in whose care you will feel totally confident." 
Catherine M. 4/29/2015

"I have been with Dr. Girgis' family for over 20 years. Everyone there is so very nice and helpful. I have so much respect and faith in all. I will be moving out of state and plan on commuting. Thank you all! Dr. Thomas, you are the best!" Nancy M. 4/26/2015

"I have had great experiences with Dr. Thomas! He has been life-changing for me and helping diagnose some issues I've had with my ears for years. I recommend him to anyone I talk to that needs an ENT doctor!" Ashley L. 4/24/2015

"This was my first time having a complete hearing test. I am 65 years old. Dr. Girgis' staff was very professional with an added touch of warmth and concern. When I first arrived, I was pretty nervous but from the front desk staff to the ladies taking my information and my hearing test, to Dr. Girgis sitting down with me to explain my test results, I felt very relaxed and understood all of my options. I will return in one year for a follow up and would highly recommend Dr. Girgis & Associates to anyone in need." Barbara 4/24/2015

"Excellent, very nice staff, hardly any wait time, and very very efficient!" Shane G. 4/23/2015

"Dr. Girgis and his staff are very professional and knowledgeable." Ida R. 4/23/2015

"Very thorough. I had been having issues for over two months and I think I am finally on my way to relief. The office staff is courteous as well." Vicki E. 4/23/2015

"Dr. Girgis and staff are always courteous and pleasant. He always answers my questions which makes for a good visit."
Jean Y. 4/22/2015

"The staff was very courteous and professional. Dr. Girgis was thorough and he was able to help me with my issue. I will be happy to recommend them to anyone!" Warren T. 4/21/2015

"A wonderful office atmosphere! Dr. Girgis provided expert medical care and his staff was very professional and helpful. I highly recommend the practice!" Jill 4/16/2015

"Dr. Girgis is truly is a caring doctor. He is very experienced and goes well beyond the expected to care for his patients. I highly recommend him!" Elaine P. 4/15/2015

"I recently had my first visit for myself with Debra Cheval. My son, who has special needs, is also seen by Debra. She is professional and caring. Our visits are always a positive experience." Marie B. 4/14/2015 

"Great doctor, friendly staff! I wouldn't hesitate to refer family and friends here. I've been having an inner ear issue for over a year and Dr. Girgis diagnosed and treated my issue successfully!" Shaton J. 4/12/2015

"Debra is always so nice and helpful in my ear cleaning. I travel in once a year from down state." Janet H. 4/12/2015

"Dr. Girgis is very professional and knowledgeable. The staff is very friendly!" Carolyn M. 4/9/2015

"Dr. Girgis is a very professional and caring physician. I appreciate that I can depend on him to provide my medical care."
Gerald B. 4/9/2015

"Professional office! I met with Debra Cheval. She always takes the time to answer my questions and apologizes when there is a wait. With my allergies, I feel I am in good hands with this office and Debra." Laura P. 4/8/2015

"Friendly staff from the minute you step in until your appointment is complete. Dr. Girgis is a remarkable doctor always putting me at ease and he explains procedures and results in an understandable manner. I have complete confidence in him. He is a doctor that is caring and treats his patients with respect and care." Reba W. 4/7/2015

"This was my first visit and the staff and doctor were all very professional. I would refer my family and friends!" Sharon J. 4/6/2015

"My experience was great. I came in with an ear ache and left with a smile." Joyce C. 4/4/2015

"I was feeling horrible and they got me in right away. I am extremely comfortable with Dr. Thomas." Wendy O. 4/2/2015

"I got an appointment within two days and Dr. Thomas was able to diagnose my problems correctly. Very pleased."
Anthony B. 3/31/2015

"Wonderful experience with Dr. Thomas! He cleaned my ears and diagnosed my problem quickly. Thanks so much!"
Caroline J. 3/30/2015

"Excellent care! Dr. Girgis made my son feel at ease about his surgery. He is personable and knowledgeable. I would recommend him for sure." Casey H. 3/26/2015

"Dr. Kreps was most helpful and I always enjoy chatting with her. She enabled me to get better performance from my existing hearing aides. I look forward to my next appointment with her." Shirley J. 3/25/2015

"Dr. Kreps is always helpful!" Michael B. 3/25/2015 

"Dr. Girgis was on time, attentive, clear, caring, and followed up personally with a call regarding my test results. What more could one ask for in a physician?" Terri M. 3/25/2015

"This was my first visit to Dr. Girgis. I found him pleasant, patient, clear, and to the point. His staff was very helpful and polite. I would definitely refer him." Deborah G. 3/24/2015 

"I finally decided to get my hearing aids. The audiologist, Dr. Kreps, was extremely helpful and informative. She continues to be as this is going to be an ongoing process. The appointment times are convenient and my quality of life is greatly improved with my enhanced hearing!" Paul S. 3/23/2015

"My appointment was a helpful experience. Dr. Girgis provided valuable recommendations on what to do at the start of a cold or allergies to reduce the potential for an infection to occur, thus reducing the need to use antibiotics." James G. 3/23/2015

"Professional staff. The doctors were great with my 11 year old son and very personable." Joseph F. 3/23/2015

"Dr. Thomas really gave me the attention I needed. He was able to fit me in that week, which is hard with an ENT. The staff greeted me with such positivity. The office is very clean and styled nicely. They can also schedule all testing on the same day so you don't have to go here and there on different days. It's all in-house. I would definitely recommend them to my friends." Claire S. 3/23/2015

"It was a pleasant experience as Dr. Girgis listened to my sinus problem and did a thorough exam and tests while explaining the treatment plan. I am looking forward to my sinus surgery soon. Thanks to Dr. Girgis and his staff." Harshad K. 3/21/2015

"Dr. Girgis really listens to your concerns and explains things very well." Megan H. 3/19/2015

"The process was smooth. Everyone was efficient and I understood everything that was going on. Great customer service skills."
Sakita G. 3/19/2015

"Dr. Girgis diagnosed the issue I have right away and has begun treatment of it. Definitely a master of his profession."
Joseph M. 3/19/2015

"I've been a patient of Dr. Girgis for 20 years already. I had a serious sinus infection in 2013 with an orbital abscess. Dr. Girgis took care of the situation and saved my eye." James N. 3/17/2015

"I experienced a very professional and accommodating staff. They are efficient and understanding. I look forward to my future visits. Thank you." William F. 3/14/2015

"I loved the ease of appointment scheduling and the friendly staff! Dr. Girgis is great! He listened to me and gave me things that I could start doing that day that eased my symptoms. I would highly recommend them!" Jacquelyn H. 3/12/2015

"Excellent that I finally found some relief and answers to my sinus issues!" Theresa D. 3/12/2015

"Dr. Thomas worked wonderfully with us to detemine a plan of action on my chronic sinus infection that has caused me sickness after sickness for the past two years. He is extremely personable and efficient." Abby U. 3/10/2015

"I am very happy with Dr. Girgis. He performed surgery on my sinuses and I have never felt better." Dennis F. 3/9/2015

"Dr. Thomas is very personable and thorough. He is very easy to talk to and shows concern for his patients. Every time I have visited him, I have felt encouraged with my condition. My entire family now sees him." Susan S. 3/7/2015

"If you are in need of an ENT, this is the practice for you! We have had a long-standing relationship with Dr. Girgis but my son typically sees Debra Cheval. She is a wonderful professional who really cares about her patients. Be good to yourself and get the best care available by visiting Drs. Girgis & Associates." Reed D. 3/6/2015 

"I was given an appointment right away and didn't have to wait long at the office before seeing Dr. Girgis. He was very nice and knowledgeable. The whole staff makes you feel very comfortable." Amy K. 3/6/2015

"It was my first time seeing Dr. Thomas. He was great as was his nurse. When I called in the morning, the receptionist was very nice and considerate on the phone. She gave me an appointment to see him that same afternoon. When I got to the office, I did not have to wait past my appointment time nor wait long in the examination room. I highly recommend Dr. Thomas." Sharon J. 3/6/2015

"I have always appreciated Dr. Girgis for the care and attention he gives me. He's a good man as well as a good doctor. His office is run very professionally." Paul M. 3/4/2015

"Dr. Kreps is great! She gives me excellent instructions and advice. She also allows time to ask questions and answers them readily. I highly recommend Dr. Kreps!" Marsha M. 3/4/2015

"Dr. Girgis and his staff are ALWAYS courteous and professional, even today when I showed up 24 hours early! The offices are beautiful, the care is exceptional, and the people are terrific!" William D. 3/4/2015

"Dr. Thomas takes his time with his patients. I am extremely pleased with the practice. The staff is wonderful as well."
Gina Marie W. 3/4/2015

"Dr. Girgis continues to be sensitive and in-tune to my disabled daughter's needs while being professional. Never rushed or left without answers and that is why we continue to be patients of Dr. Girgis." Ginger S. 3/1/2015

"As always, Drs. Girgis & Associates genuinely care about the well being of their patients. They take the time necessary to make sure they understand the reasons for seeing them and then do what is necessary to provide a solution." Daniel M. 2/28/2015 

"Dr. Girgis is very compassionate, knowledgeable, and helpful. I would recommend him highly to anyone seeking ENT services."
Larry W. 2/26/2015

"Excellent service, nice people, great doctor! I feel I am in good hands with Dr. Girgis. Dr. Girgis is friendly and knowledgeable. I also like that the CT Scanner is right down the hall and X-rays are read very quickly." Rina G. 2/25/2015

"Dr. Girgis is one of the best doctors I have been to!" Kelly W. 2/25/2015

"When I felt I had nowhere else to turn, I contacted Dr. Girgis' office. Triss answered the call - I was in so much pain and I just really could not explain what I was feeling. Triss was so understanding and made an appointment for me the same day! My husband took me to the office and all the staff at the front desk and the nurses were helpful and empathetic to how I was feeling. This continued on to Dr. Girgis - He showed me that he really cared about what I was going through. He explained everything thoroughly about what he was doing and what he will be doing to make me feel better. Tanika explained all of the follow-up and prescription information to me that I needed and let me know if I needed anything, that they were just a phone call away. I am glad that I made the choice to contact Dr. Girgis and his helpful and professional staff. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Carla H. 2/22/2015

"Dr. Kreps is wonderful! She explained and drew pictures to show me my hearing problems and how the hearing aids would help me. I found the cost of the hearing aids doable and not excessive. I love my new hearing aids! I highly recommend Dr. Kreps and have already recommended her to my friends, as well as telling them about the information I learned from her!" Marsha M. 2/14/2015 

"My surgery from pre-op to post-op was excellent from the nurses, anesthesiologist, to the post-op nurses who explained everything in detail and what to do following surgery. To Dr. Girgis for his professionalism and his gifted hands during surgery and after. The surgery is already showing big improvement in my breathing. I'm glad I was recommended to such a fine doctor and surgeon." Lawrence M. 2/11/2015

"Dr. Girgis is very knowledgeable and friendly. I trust him very much with my health. He has a great personality too. He answers my questions thoroughly and is very caring." Laura S. 2/11/2015

"My visit to Drs. Girgis & Associates was great. Their service was excellent. They really take very good care of their patients. They took all of my tests and determined treatment with no time waiting. I am very satisfied and happy with Dr. Thomas and the nurse who attended me so well. Their whole staff is wonderful. The front desk is very helpful as well!" Prakash J. 2/11/2015

"Dr. Girgis and his staff were wonderful! He spent a lot of time explaining everything and even made my son, who was very nervous to be there, laugh and feel at ease. I highly recommend him." Ellis G. 2/11/2015

"My son was a new patient and needed to get in quickly. Drs. Girgis & Associates were very helpful in getting him in right away. Everyone was great and they provided a top-notch consultation for his issue. We will be going back for a follow-up and we were very happy."
Mike R. 2/10/2015

"After 40 years of not being able to breathe through my nose, I decided to finally do something about it. With Dr. Thomas' skill and care, a new world is beginning to open up for me. THANK YOU!" Richard C. 2/9/2015

"I have been with Drs. Girgis & Associates for a few years and I have been very pleased with their analysis and solution to my sinus and acid reflux issues. I recently went to Dr. Thomas and was happy to see that he is very easy to talk to and knowledgeable as well." 
Janet P. 2/8/2015

"I was very happy with my experience. I've been to other doctors' offices where they wanted to rush me out the door. I felt that my medical issue was thoroughly assessed and I left with a gameplan for what needs to be done in the near term. Thanks."
Michael V. 2/6/2015 

"I have been a patient of Dr. Samuel Girgis for 28 years. I have always had a great experience. I think the world of Dr. Girgis. I have also been seen by Dr. Thomas and was very pleased. The staff is very friendly and professional. Each and every time I have had an appointment, I have been very pleased. I also want to thank Diane, the triage nurse, for always being so helpful!" Cynthia P. 2/5/2015

"Dr. Girgis is the epitome of professional and an expert in his field of ENT. He is also warm, kind, smart, and has an excellent bedside manner. I would say that Dr. Girgis gives his patients 110%. He listens and spends time with his patients. I am very grateful to have Dr. Girgis as my doctor." Patrice G. 2/4/2015

"Thank you for having office hours on Saturdays! Dr. Thomas assessed my situation and ordered the appropriate tests. He got the test results by the following Tuesday. I appreciate how quickly and effectively Dr. Thomas got me on the road to recovery. Thank you very much."
George H. 2/3/2015 
"Friendly, professional, and efficient staff. Dr. Thomas is wonderful - very pleasant and thorough. Comfortable and quiet waiting room." 
Karen A. 2/3/2015 

"I've spent a lot of time at this office. I have always found the entire staff to be consistently helpful and caring. Thank you!"
Marsha Z.  2/1/2015

"I have met both Dr. Girgis and Dr. Thomas. I think they are both very professional and try to put you at ease. Dr. Girgis performed nasal surgery on me and it went very well. I would recommend both doctors to anyone having a problem." Barbara M. 1/31/2015

"My son has been a patient of Dr. Thomas for years now and he is the best. Dr. Thomas is very pleasant and informative on every visit. My son has had multiple ear tube surgeries performed by Dr. Thomas and he makes my son feel comfortable and relaxed for each one. Thank you, Dr. Thomas!" Garrett S. 1/31/2015

"I've been visiting Dr. Girgis since 2011, when he diagnosed me and surgically repaired a significant sinus and nasal problem I had. He also diagnosed me with sleep apnea in 2013. Both actions greatly improved my sleep, health, and quality of life. The office staff, medical technicians, and Dr. Girgis himself are always professional and pleasant." John B. 1/29/2015

"The staff is always courteous and professional. Dr. Girgis is "the man!" He knows his craft and takes great pride in the care of his patients." 
Jerry N. 1/28/2015

"I highly recommend Dr. Thomas! Dr. Thomas assessed my sleep issues with a sleep study and provided me with treatment options. I'm excited to start sleeping well again! Thank you!" Anthony P. 1/27/2015

"Dr. Girgis and his partners are very knowledgeable and friendly! I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great ENT!" 
Laura S. 1/25/2015

"Dr. Thomas thinks outside of the box when trying to treat difficult cases such as mine! I appreciate his knowledge and expertise." 
Kathleen H. 1/22/2015

"Dr. Girgis was very thorough during my appointment. He sent me for a CT scan and spent a great deal of time explaining the results and provided me good options moving forward. He had a great bedside manner and made me feel comfortable." Claire H. 1/21/2015

"Excellent. Dr. Girgis explains your condition and options to make a good decision. The staff is very friendly and the front desk was very polite." Michele W. 1/12/2015

"I have been going to Dr. Girgis for 13 years. I trust him and love his staff who always treat me with professionalism." Lauren P. 1/12/2015

"Dr. Girgis is a very capable surgeon focusing on patient care. My procedure went as planned with minimal discomfort. This was very important because this was the first time I have had surgery. Thanks very much!" Brian G. 12/22/2014

"I found Dr. Girgis to be extremely professional in his diagnosis of my hearing problem. He took the time to explain the nature of my problem and why it was important to get the proper type of hearing aids. Also, the staff is absolutely excellent, particularly the technician that conducted the hearing test and the technician that helped me select the right hearing aids for me. It is great to find health care professionals that take the time with their patients." William R. 12/22/2014

"Nurse Practitioner, Deb, is excellent and thorough." Pearl W. 12/20/2014

"As always, Debra and staff are very kind. I always feel Debra cares about her patients." Anna K. 12/18/2014 

"Everything was handled with great professionalism. Appointment ran on time, a plan was carefully explained, and then a summary was provided to take home. I am very happy with my experience." Rachel S. 12/18/2014

"Professional, well-run office. Caring staff - I appreciate the skill and concern Dr. Girgis has shown me today and always."
Thomas N. 12/18/2014

"Dr. Girgis is great! He does fantastic work!" Megan 12/15/2014 

"I think the doctors and staff do a very good job. My hearing has improved from the treatment received." James 12/15/2014 

"My visit to Drs. Girgis & Associates office was great. Their service was excellent-They really take very good care of their patients. They took all my tests and determined treatment with no time waiting. I am very satisfied and happy with Dr. Thomas and the nurse who attended me very well. Their whole staff is wonderful." Shagufta 12/12/2014 

"Drs. Girgis & Associates provide top quality medical consult and service in my opinion. Dr. Girgis was there for me at a time of need." Thank you." Arthur 12/12/2014

"Despite the office being short-staffed, they were able to fit me in, adjust my hearing aids, and found the time to help me."
Kimberly 12/11/2014

"Wonderful experience and tremendous care as always. Thank you." Linda 12/9/2014

"I have been going to Drs. Girgis & Associates for 30 years. I feel I will receive the best care and answers for all my medical needs."
Michael 12/8/2014

"Dr. Girgis has improved my health greatly. Thank you, Dr. Girgis." Edward 12/8/2014

"I was very pleased with the surgery and care I was given. Dr. Girgis was great. The recovery time was as I was told. Now I am sleeping and breathing better. Thank you Dr. Girgis for the fine care." Scott B. 12/4/2014

"My 2 year old son has an ear infection and trouble hearing due to fluid buildup. Everyone was very nice and informative. Hope we are on a fast track to recovery." Bryant S. 11/2/2014

"I googled Dr. Thomas on the internet and I am 100% happy with my choice. Zero waiting time. Dr. Thomas is very professional, kind, and diagnosed my ear issues immediately." Josephine O. 10/15/2014

"Dr. Thomas is professional and thorough. I am grateful to have him as a health provider." Garry S. 10/14/2014

"Quick and organized. Nice to have all of the specialists and diagnostic equipment on-site." Michael Z. 10/10/2014

"Dr. Girgis was very caring and thoroughly addressed my questions and concerns during the appointment. He even personally phoned after speaking with my primary care physician regarding my MRI. His staff was efficient and courteous. I feel I am in good hands."
Jennifer D. 10/9/2014

"The service and care were excellent. I would recommend Dr. Girgis and Associates to everyone." Eugenia 10/5/2014

"I was referred to Dr. Girgis by Dr. Daniel Mclachlan to perform surgery in tandem with him. From making my first appointment, first visit, through my surgery, and follow-up appointments, I have been totally pleased with the care that I have received. Everyone has the highest degree of professionalism. I had complete trust that Dr. Girgis totally cared about the outcome of his medical expertise. I would gladly refer anyone to Dr. Girgis." Patricia 10/4/2014

"Everyone was as professional and friendly as they could be. Dr. Thomas and his nurse were great!" Sara 10/3/2014

"Deb Chavel is an outstanding healthcare provider. She is an important member of the Drs. Girgis and Associates team and is a major reason why I visit the Hinsdale office twice per year to have my ears taken care of! I hope she remains a part of the team for many years to come." James 9/25/2014

"It's always a good experience with Drs. Girgis and Associates. A professional staff that gives me confidence and trust in their care."
Jerry 9/13/2014

"Very good experience. I was able to complete the new patient paperwork prior to arriving. The staff was pleasant and helpful. My appointment was on time. The doctor was thorough!" Joyce 9/7/2014

"Extremely professional. Thorough examination and excellent explanation of their diagnosis. I could not be any more pleased!"
John 8/27/2014

"Girgis and Associates lived up to their reputation and I am happy to be fantastic referral for them.  And coaches, I suggest you wear head gear!" Bill S. 12/10/2012

"Very satisfied.  Doctor spent quite enough time with us, inregards to other doctors.  Explained everything in detail.  Highly recommended."  Bala T. 11/16/2012

"I have been to Chicago two times in the last 7-8 months to visit my grandchildren.  I became very ill both times, and I was miserable.  Your doctors and staff were wonderful.  Even though I live in California, they booked appointments form me right away/the next day.  The doctors were thorough and diagnosed my problems and helped get me on the road to recovery before I had to "get on the road" back to California.  I really appreciate your professionalism and kindness.  Thank you so much." Carol S. 8/7/2012

"I just want to thank you for all you have done for me with my serious sinus problems.  After 30 years, I no longer have a constant runny nose and I can smell flowers, taste food, smell perfume, and I can breathe thru my nose and no longer have a dry throat and mouth all the time.  Also thank you for making my nose straight again.  Your staff is the best and you're a great surgeon and doctor.  I feel like a new man!  P.S.  I sleep like a baby!" Arthur D. 5/27/2012

"I just wanted to say, "Thank You!"  For taking care of me while I was in the hospital.  Things are certainly much better now.  I sincerely appreciate everything." Robert M. 5/22/2012

"I always thought we were very fortunate to have found such a wonderful ENT for our five kids. Now I know. Our kids are all grown, but I have sleep apnea. Dr. Girgis did a splendid job correcting a deviated septum and widening my airway by removing my tonsils and adnoids. I can breath normally for the first time ever. Thanks Dr. G!" Spam D. 3/27/2012

"A couple of years back, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, confirmed by two sleep studies at the Girgis Sleep labs.  After using the CPAP machine for about 6 months, I elected to proceed with corrective surgery with Dr  Girgis.  The pain immediately following the surgery was at times intense.  After a few days, the pain was tolerable with pain medication and anesthetic throat spray.  If I would go back to a year ago, knowing what I know now, I would make the very same choice about having surgery.  The quality of sleep is significantly improved, and I feel completely rested and relaxed upon awakening." William L. 1/25/2011

"I would like you to know how happy I am with the results of my surgery.  Your staff was very kind and they made me feel comfortable during my doctor visits, preparing for my surgery, and after my surgery.  I could barely breathe out of my nose due to the deviated septum and the clogged sinuses, but once I recovered after my surgery, I felt amazing.  Now I am getting great rest with no headaches.  I would recommend you to anyone because you did an incredible job on my surgery and now I am able to breathe again!  I appreciate all the work you have done.  Thank you and your staff for helping me!" Kathleen D. 1/4/2011

" Since my youth, I have suffered from chronic sinus infections.  Finally, in my 30's I met with one or two ENT doctors.  I found their recommendations to be unacceptable, time consuming and costly.  Early in 2006, a friend recommended Dr. Girgis, who had corrected his wife's problems.  Dr. Girgis immediately identified the problem and in August of 2006, I underwent nasal surgery.  Shortly, after a brief healing period, I was amazed at how easy it was to breathe through my nose.  Now, four years later, when I get a cold, I can still breathe through my nose and do not suffer from sinus infections, pressure or discomfort.   I am extremely satisfied to have been one of the many recipients of Dr. Girgis's medical expertise." Ric B. 1/2/2011

"In March of this year I had endoscopic sinus surgery and a septoplasty done at Dr. Girgis and Associates in Hinsdale, IL.  I had sinus problems and trouble breathing my entire life and finally decided to do something about it.  Every spring and fall I would get sinus pressure build-up in my head and a constant runny nose for weeks at a time.  After my surgery with Dr. Girgis, I had no problems this spring and no problems in the fall.  I can't believe the difference in my breathing, I can finally breathe through my nose, it seems for the first time.  The entire experience was life changing.  The staff is experienced and very polite.  My only regret is that I didn't have the surgery years sooner." Dean G. 11/12/2010

"I have been a patient of Drs. Girgis and Associates since 1999. I have had two different surgeries performed by Dr. Girgis. He has truly changed my well-being. I am able to breathe clearer, sinus infections are no longer a problem, I don't get chronic sore throats and infections anymore. The staff is wonderful. I have had visits with both doctors and the nurse practitioner, and all visits were well worth it. Also, the convenience of a CT machine on-site makes a difference - I didn't have to go elsewhere for another appointment!" Christina B. 9/1/2010