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Imaging Center

Computed tomography (CT) imaging is one of the most technologically advanced radiological innovations to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of internal diseases. CT Scanning delivers cross-sectional images of the body, allowing better visualization of specific soft tissue regions which could not otherwise be seen satisfactorily.

CT Scanning is instrumental in making an accurate diagnosis in patients with sinus disease, and is an invaluable 3-dimensional intra-operative tool used for patients requiring sinus surgery. We also offer 3-dimensional imaging assistance to dental professionals achieving precise dental implant placement.


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Draping a patient for CT Scan

Somatom Scope 16 Slice CT Scanner


Somatom Scope 16 Slice CT Scanner

Image quality is essential for accurate diagnosis. SOMATOM Scope delivers crystalclear images across a wide range of clinical applications. At the core of this innovative CT is a 24-row adaptive detector array that collects 16 slices of data simultaneously, with sub-millimeter isotropic accuracy. Featuring the high-performance UFCTM (Ultra Fast Ceramics) detector material, it delivers bright, crisp images.

Maximizing patient safety means minimizing dose, in particular for sensitive groups such as children or people requiring multiple follow-up scans. To this end, SOMATOM Scope includes a comprehensive package of Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure (CARE). It enables patients receive the right dose for their imaging requirements. For example, CARE Dose4D delivers fully automated, organ-sensitive real-time dose modulation. And CARE Filter, a bowtie filter installed at the tube collimator, further optimizes X-ray exposure.


CT Scan FAQs

Our equipment is very new and uses Dose4D to deliver fully-automated, organ-sensitive real-time doses of radiation. Filtering technology and protective shields are also used to protect non-scanned portions of your body from radiation.


Yes, our Hinsdale location is extremely convenient for patients of hundreds of area doctors and dentists that may not have a CT Scanner in their office. Your doctor can write you an order or prescription and we can get a pre-authorization from your insurance company. The ordering doctor's office needs to do the precertification for the scan as they have all the patient background and information along with the ICD-10 codes for the reason for the scan.


Yes, we have the Dental Scan Protocol w/ 3D technology for the maxilla and/or mandible. Our scans more easily detect the V-3 nerve position before wisdom teeth extraction or to visualize impacted teeth or molars and their relationship to surrounding structures. The ordering doctor's office needs to do the precertification for the scan as they have all the patient background and information along with the ICD-10 codes for the reason for the scan.


The Simplant Guide forms the link between the digital treatment plan in Simplant and the surgery. Precise planning and implant placement enables minimal invasive treatment, as well as reduced chair time. Moreover, it gives confidence to both clinician and patient and it brings surgery and restoration to a new level: The patient can be treated in one single treatment session and leave with an expertly planned temporary restoration. Simplant solutions are cost-effective, user-friendly and uniquely compatible with the brands and equipment that clinicians already know and use. Simplant computer guided implant treatment is compatible with over 10,000 implants from more than 100 brands, as well as all DICOM compatible (CB) CT scanners and major optical and intraoral scanners.




CT Scan Services

Most CT Scans Can Be Performed with or without Contrast

  • Dental CT Scan
  • Head CT Scan
  • Sinus CT Scan
  • Neck CT Scan
  • Temporal Bones CT Scan
  • Chest CT Scan
  • Abdomen CT Scan
  • Lumbar Spine CT Scan