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Common Allergens


There are many different kinds of molds. They are fungus-like organisms that multiply on moist, organic surfaces and produce spores which float in the air and germinate when the conditions are favorable. Mold spores, when inhaled, can cause allergy symptoms.

Molds are everywhere! Outside they are found wherever there is plant material and moisture. When mowing, raking leaves, or mulching is taking place in your neighborhood there are molds in the air that may be inhaled. Inside there are molds associated with bathtub mildew, house plants, leftover foods and musty attics.


The pollens you have been tested for come from the trees, grasses and weeds that are wind-pollinated. This light powdery pollen is blown over many miles in season and causes symptoms when inhaled by someone who is allergic.

Plants pollinate in season only:

  • Trees – Spring
  • Grasses – late Spring into early Summer
  • Weeds – Summer into Fall


House pets shed a lot of dander and hair that carry dried saliva. Cats are more allergenic than dogs because of their habits of licking their bodies. It is best to keep your pets out of your bedroom if you are allergic.


Dust Mites

Details in an accompanying hand out.


  • Use a portable air filter with a HEPA filter in your bedroom. Run it at all times and keep the door closed.
    • Keeping your air conditioner on will protect from pollen.
      • Keeping humidity levels low will inhibit dust mite multiplication.
        • Smooth surface furniture and flooring resists mold and dust mites.